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Portuguese Hotels

Portugal has about ten million people and is composed from three parts: Madeira islands, the Azores and Continental Europe. The major tourist destinations in Portugal are Algarve, Lisbon and Madeira, but the the Portuguese Tourist Authority is actually developing three new destinations: Porto Santo Island, Douro Valley and Alentejo. Portugal has other still unknown regions (but very promising for tourism) such as Costa do Sol, Costa Azul, Douro Sul, Templários, Planície Dourada, etc. Portugal attracts each year about 15 million tourists. The tourism has important role in Portugal's economy and contributes with about 6% of Gross Domestic Product. The main tourist destinations in Portugal are the Greater Lisbon (Lisboa), the Algarve, Portuguese Islands (Madeira and Azores), Greater Porto and Northern Portugal (Porto e Norte) and Alentejo. Lisbon is attracting more than 7 millions tourists and recently surpassed the Algarve as the leading tourist area in Portugal. The tourists who come to Portugal are not only searching the beach and the sun, but mostly searching culture, art cities, nautical or business tourism. Hereunder there are the principal attractions. Costa Verde is a fantastic green coast located in the northern coast of Portugal. Costa da Prata (Silver coast) are the principal coast of central Portugal (from Porto to Lisbon). Costa de Lisboa is the coast of the capital city. The montanhas of Serra da Estrela and Trás-os-Montes are mountainous regions of northern and central Portugal. Alentejo is the plane region of in the south Portugal. Algarve is the southern coast of Portugal.

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Hotels in most poplar destinations througtout the Portugal
Prior Velho
Abadim(1 Hotels)Abrunhosa-a-Velha(1 Hotels)
Água de Pau(1 Hotels)Águas de Moura(1 Hotels)
Águeda(1 Hotels)Albergaria-a-Velha(1 Hotels)
Albernoa(1 Hotels)Albufeira(104 Hotels)
Alcácer do Sal(2 Hotels)Alcáçovas(1 Hotels)
Alcanena(1 Hotels)Alcantarilha(1 Hotels)
Alcobaça(4 Hotels)Alcochete(1 Hotels)
Alcoutim(1 Hotels)Aldeia da Serra(1 Hotels)
Aldeia da Serra(1 Hotels)Aldeia das Dez(1 Hotels)
Alenquer(2 Hotels)Alfarrobeira(1 Hotels)
Alfragide(1 Hotels)Alijó(1 Hotels)
Aljezur(2 Hotels)Aljubarrota(1 Hotels)
Almancil(7 Hotels)Almargem(1 Hotels)
Almeida(1 Hotels)Alpiarça(1 Hotels)
Alqueva(1 Hotels)Alte(1 Hotels)
Alter do Chão(1 Hotels)Altura(3 Hotels)
Alvados(1 Hotels)Alvalade(1 Hotels)
Alvito(1 Hotels)Alvor(10 Hotels)
Amadora(1 Hotels)Amarante(3 Hotels)
Amares(1 Hotels)Anadia(2 Hotels)
Anciães(1 Hotels)Angra do Heroísmo(6 Hotels)
Arco da Calheta(2 Hotels)Arcos(1 Hotels)
Aricera(1 Hotels)Armação de Pêra(12 Hotels)
Armamar(2 Hotels)Arouca(2 Hotels)
Arraiolos(1 Hotels)Assumar(1 Hotels)
Atouguia da Baleia(5 Hotels)Aveiro(13 Hotels)
Azaruja(1 Hotels)Azeitao(2 Hotels)
Azenhas do Mar(1 Hotels)Azinheira dos Barros(1 Hotels)
Azoia(1 Hotels)Azoia de Baixo(1 Hotels)
Azurara(2 Hotels)Baião(2 Hotels)
Barca dʼAlva(1 Hotels)Barcelos(2 Hotels)
Barril(1 Hotels)Barroselas(2 Hotels)
Batalha(4 Hotels)Beja(3 Hotels)
Belmonte(3 Hotels)Bemposta(1 Hotels)
Boaventura(1 Hotels)Boliqueime(3 Hotels)
Boticas(1 Hotels)Bouro(1 Hotels)
Braga(18 Hotels)Bragança(3 Hotels)
Brotas(1 Hotels)Budens(3 Hotels)
Burgau(2 Hotels)Cabanas(2 Hotels)
Cabanões de Baixo(1 Hotels)Cabeceiras de Basto(1 Hotels)
Cabeço de Vide(2 Hotels)Caldas da Felgueira(1 Hotels)
Caldas da Rainha(3 Hotels)Caldelas(1 Hotels)
Calheta(5 Hotels)Camacha(1 Hotels)
Câmara de Lobos(1 Hotels)Campo de Besteiros(1 Hotels)
Campos(1 Hotels)Canas de Senhorim(2 Hotels)
Canha(1 Hotels)Caniçada(1 Hotels)
Caniço(10 Hotels)Cantanhede(1 Hotels)
Capelas(1 Hotels)Caramulo(2 Hotels)
Carcavelos(2 Hotels)Cardielos(1 Hotels)
Caria(1 Hotels)Carvoeiro(16 Hotels)
Casas Novas(2 Hotels)Cascais(20 Hotels)
Castelo Branco(2 Hotels)Castelo de Vide(4 Hotels)
Castro Daire(1 Hotels)Castro Laboreiro(1 Hotels)
Castro Marim(1 Hotels)Castro Verde(3 Hotels)
Cavadoude(1 Hotels)Celorico da Beira(2 Hotels)
Cercal(1 Hotels)Chacim(1 Hotels)
Chança(2 Hotels)Chaves(5 Hotels)
Cinfães(3 Hotels)Coimbra(10 Hotels)
Coimbrão(1 Hotels)Colares(5 Hotels)
Comporta(1 Hotels)Condeixa a Nova(1 Hotels)
Constância(1 Hotels)Corte do Gafo de Cima(1 Hotels)
Corte Sines(1 Hotels)Costa de Caparica(6 Hotels)
Costa Nova(1 Hotels)Covas do Douro(1 Hotels)
Covilhã(8 Hotels)Crato(3 Hotels)
Criaz(1 Hotels)Curia(5 Hotels)
Curral das Freiras(1 Hotels)Curvaceiras Grandes(1 Hotels)
Dornes(1 Hotels)Durrães(1 Hotels)
Elvas(5 Hotels)Entre -os- Rios(1 Hotels)
Ericeira(5 Hotels)Ervedal da Beira(1 Hotels)
Escalos de Baixo(1 Hotels)Esmoriz(1 Hotels)
Espinhel(1 Hotels)Espinho(3 Hotels)
Esposende(5 Hotels)Estação do Mogadouro(1 Hotels)
Estarreja(1 Hotels)Estômbar(1 Hotels)
Estoril(13 Hotels)Estreito de Câmara de Lobos(1 Hotels)
Estremoz(4 Hotels)Évora(16 Hotels)
Fafe(2 Hotels)Fajã da Ovelha(3 Hotels)
Fajozes(1 Hotels)Faro(15 Hotels)
Fátima(25 Hotels)Felgueiras(1 Hotels)
Fermentelos(1 Hotels)Ferragudo(4 Hotels)
Ferreira do Alentejo(1 Hotels)Ferreira do Zêzere(2 Hotels)
Figueira da Foz(8 Hotels)Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo(2 Hotels)
Figueiró dos Vinhos(1 Hotels)Folgosa(1 Hotels)
Foz do Arelho(1 Hotels)Foz Tua(1 Hotels)
Freamunde(2 Hotels)Freixinho(1 Hotels)
Freixo de Espada à Cinta(1 Hotels)Frende(1 Hotels)
Fronteira(1 Hotels)Funchal(83 Hotels)
Fundão(3 Hotels)Furnas(1 Hotels)
Gafanha da Nazaré(1 Hotels)Gavieira(1 Hotels)
Geraz do Minho(1 Hotels)Geres(5 Hotels)
Golegã(1 Hotels)Gouveia(2 Hotels)
Gralheira(1 Hotels)Grândola(1 Hotels)
Guarda(5 Hotels)Guerreiros do Rio(1 Hotels)
Guimarães(10 Hotels)Horta(3 Hotels)
Idanha-a-Nova(1 Hotels)Lagoa(3 Hotels)
Lagos(46 Hotels)Lamego(3 Hotels)
Landeira(1 Hotels)Lanhelas(1 Hotels)
Laundos(1 Hotels)Lavre(1 Hotels)
Leça da Palmeira(2 Hotels)Leça do Bailio(2 Hotels)
Leiria(3 Hotels)Leomil(1 Hotels)
Linda-a-Pastora(1 Hotels)Linda-a-Velha(1 Hotels)
Lisboa(172 Hotels)Loulé(2 Hotels)
Lourinhã(3 Hotels)Lousã(2 Hotels)
Luso(7 Hotels)Luz de Tavira(2 Hotels)
Macedo de Cavaleiros(1 Hotels)Maceira(2 Hotels)
Machico(2 Hotels)Macieira de Cambra(1 Hotels)
Madalena(2 Hotels)Maia(1 Hotels)
Mangualde(2 Hotels)Manteigas(3 Hotels)
Marialva(1 Hotels)Marinha Grande(1 Hotels)
Marvão(3 Hotels)Matosinhos(4 Hotels)
Mealhada(1 Hotels)Melgaço(1 Hotels)
Mértola(1 Hotels)Mesão Frio(1 Hotels)
Mesquinhata(1 Hotels)Messejana(1 Hotels)
Miguas(1 Hotels)Milharado(1 Hotels)
Minas de São Domingos(1 Hotels)Miranda do Douro(3 Hotels)
Mirandela(1 Hotels)Mirão(1 Hotels)
Monção(2 Hotels)Moncarapacho(4 Hotels)
Monchique(3 Hotels)Mondim de Basto(2 Hotels)
Monforte(1 Hotels)Monfortinho(3 Hotels)
Monsaraz(2 Hotels)Montalegre(1 Hotels)
Monte Estoril(1 Hotels)Monte Gordo(10 Hotels)
Monte Real(3 Hotels)Montijo(1 Hotels)
Mora(1 Hotels)Moreira(1 Hotels)
Moura(1 Hotels)Murça(1 Hotels)
Nave Redonda(1 Hotels)Nazaré(7 Hotels)
Negreda(1 Hotels)Nelas(1 Hotels)
Nordeste(1 Hotels)Óbidos(9 Hotels)
Odemira(1 Hotels)Odivelas(1 Hotels)
Oeiras(3 Hotels)Oledo(1 Hotels)
Olhão(1 Hotels)Oliveira de Azemeis(1 Hotels)
Oliveira de Frades(1 Hotels)Oliveira do Bairro(1 Hotels)
Oliveira do Hospital(2 Hotels)Ourém(2 Hotels)
Ovar(2 Hotels)Paço de Arcos(1 Hotels)
Palheiros de Quiaios(1 Hotels)Palmela(4 Hotels)
Paranhos(1 Hotels)Paredes(1 Hotels)
Pedrógão Pequeno(1 Hotels)Pego(1 Hotels)
Pegões(1 Hotels)Penacova(1 Hotels)
Penafiel(1 Hotels)Penalva do Castelo(1 Hotels)
Penedono(1 Hotels)Peniche(4 Hotels)
Penso(1 Hotels)Pêra(2 Hotels)
Peso da Régua(3 Hotels)Pias(1 Hotels)
Pinhanços(1 Hotels)Pinhão(1 Hotels)
Pinheiro(1 Hotels)Pinheiro de Lafões(1 Hotels)
Pombal(1 Hotels)Pombal(1 Hotels)
Ponta Delgada(18 Hotels)Ponta Delgada(1 Hotels)
Ponta do Sol(1 Hotels)Ponte da Barca(1 Hotels)
Ponte de Lima(3 Hotels)Pontes de Marchil(1 Hotels)
Portalegre(1 Hotels)Portel(1 Hotels)
Portimão(31 Hotels)Porto(76 Hotels)
Porto da Cruz(2 Hotels)Porto Judeu(1 Hotels)
Porto Moniz(2 Hotels)Póvoa de Lanhoso(2 Hotels)
Póvoa de Varzim(5 Hotels)Povoação(1 Hotels)
Povolide(1 Hotels)Prado(2 Hotels)
Praia de Mira(2 Hotels)Praia del Rei(1 Hotels)
Prior Velho(1 Hotels)Proença-a-Nova(1 Hotels)
Quarteira(11 Hotels)Queluz(1 Hotels)
Quinta de Cima(1 Hotels)Quinta do Lago(5 Hotels)
Redondo(1 Hotels)Resende(1 Hotels)
Ribeira Brava(1 Hotels)Ribeira Grande(1 Hotels)
Rio Caldo(1 Hotels)Rio Maior(1 Hotels)
Rosário-Lagoa(1 Hotels)Rosmaninhal(1 Hotels)
(1 Hotels)Sabrosa(2 Hotels)
Sabugueiro(1 Hotels)Sagres(6 Hotels)
Salema(1 Hotels)Salir de Matos(1 Hotels)
Sambade(1 Hotels)Samodães(1 Hotels)
Samora Correia(1 Hotels)Sande(1 Hotels)
Sangalhos(1 Hotels)Santa Catarina(2 Hotels)
Santa Cruz(1 Hotels)Santa Cruz(4 Hotels)
Santa Cruz da Graciosa(2 Hotels)Santa Cruz da Trapa(1 Hotels)
Santa Iria da Azóia(1 Hotels)Santa Maria Da Feira(3 Hotels)
Santa Maria de Émeres(1 Hotels)Santa Marta de Penaguião(1 Hotels)
Santana(2 Hotels)Santarém(1 Hotels)
Santiago do Cacém(2 Hotels)Santo André(3 Hotels)
Santo António das Areias(1 Hotels)Santo da Serra(2 Hotels)
Santo Estêvão(1 Hotels)Santo Isidoro(1 Hotels)
Santo Tirso(1 Hotels)São João da Madeira(2 Hotels)
São Lourenço(1 Hotels)São Luis(1 Hotels)
São Mamede de Infesta(1 Hotels)Sao Martinho de Espinho(1 Hotels)
São Martinho do Porto(2 Hotels)São Miguel do Mato(1 Hotels)
São Pedro de Muel(1 Hotels)São Pedro do Sul(2 Hotels)
São Vicente(3 Hotels)Seia(3 Hotels)
Senhora da Luz(3 Hotels)Serpa(1 Hotels)
Serra de Água(1 Hotels)Serra de El-Rei(1 Hotels)
Sesimbra(3 Hotels)Setúbal(12 Hotels)
Sever do Vouga(1 Hotels)Silveira(1 Hotels)
Silves(2 Hotels)Sines(2 Hotels)
Sintra(9 Hotels)Souzel(1 Hotels)
Tábua(1 Hotels)Tabuaço(3 Hotels)
Tavira(18 Hotels)Teixoso(1 Hotels)
Terena(1 Hotels)Termas da Azenha(1 Hotels)
Termas de Sao Pedro do Sul(1 Hotels)Tomar(3 Hotels)
Tondela(1 Hotels)Torreira(3 Hotels)
Torres Vedras(2 Hotels)Trancoso(1 Hotels)
Troia(5 Hotels)Turcifal(2 Hotels)
Unhais da Serra(1 Hotels)Urra(1 Hotels)
Vagos(2 Hotels)Vaiamonte(1 Hotels)
Valado de Frades(1 Hotels)Vale de Amoreira(1 Hotels)
Vale de Carros(1 Hotels)Vale de Mendiz(1 Hotels)
Vale do Lobo(7 Hotels)Vale do Serrão(1 Hotels)
Vale Formoso(1 Hotels)Valença(2 Hotels)
Valença do Douro(1 Hotels)Vales Mortos(1 Hotels)
Valpedre(1 Hotels)Várzea(1 Hotels)
Vau(2 Hotels)Velas(1 Hotels)
Vendas Novas(1 Hotels)Viana do Castelo(9 Hotels)
Vieira do Minho(1 Hotels)Vila Baleira(1 Hotels)
Vila de Porto Santo(6 Hotels)Vila de Punhe(1 Hotels)
Vila do Bispo(1 Hotels)Vila do Conde(1 Hotels)
Vila do Porto(1 Hotels)Vila Franca de Xira(1 Hotels)
Vila Franca do Campo(1 Hotels)Vila Nova da Cerveira(1 Hotels)
Vila Nova De Cacela(2 Hotels)Vila Nova de Famalicão(1 Hotels)
Vila Nova de Gaia(8 Hotels)Vila Nova de Milfontes(2 Hotels)
Vila Pouca da Beira(1 Hotels)Vila Praia de Âncora(1 Hotels)
Vila Real(1 Hotels)Vila Real de Santo António(2 Hotels)
Vila Viçosa(4 Hotels)Vilamoura(31 Hotels)
Vimeiro(2 Hotels)Vimioso(1 Hotels)
Viseu(8 Hotels)Vizela(1 Hotels)
Vouzela(2 Hotels)Zambujeira do Mar(2 Hotels)
Zebras(1 Hotels) 
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